Have Companies Lost Complete Control Their of Brand


users4The idea that the costumer is now not in control is anathema to what most  people think. The general drum-beating is that the costumer is in control, not the company. But it’s not true.

Businesses still decide which brands to put into the market, the message, and the channels they will use to get the word out. nothing has changed on that end. The costumer still controls whether or not he will tell everybody he knows how he feel about the brand experience. it’s not a question of control  at all. Consumers simply have access  to some  of the same global distribution channels and equal capability to have their voices heard in those specific channels. Costumers now have volume.

weight2 It’s big deal. but it’s not the whole deal, and that about sums it up.

Costumers are not creating TV spots and running them on mainstream media. They’re not booking out – of – home media properties and populating them, and they’re certainly not running print ads for your brand.

They’re also not buying pay – per – click campaigns through google, sending out mass e-mails, or designing banner ads and running campaigns for you on yahoo !

So what are they doing ?

They’re watching you. They’re talking with you. They’re sharing what they like (and dislike) with a community of people who are like – minded. They’re are talking the material we have given them and are smashing it up (a mash – up is when you take two or more unique pieces of content and bring them together to form something original). They’re either having fun with your brand or making fun of it, but they are not in control of it.


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I am guy who interested with sains, islam, and public sosial

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